Steam Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning vs Carpet Dry Cleaning

Steam does wonders for dirty and dusty carpets. Dust and bacteria are harmful for your health. Steam cleaning, cleans and sanitise methods will eradicate and kills most bacteria and leave your house looking fresh and smelling wonderful.

  • Steam cleaning is hot water extraction using powerful vacuum and hot water, this will increase the life of your carpet by removing dirt, damaging stains, fleas and dust mites from the base of the pile.
  • Dry cleaning rubs carpet using a damp, twirling sponge. Some dirt absorbs into the sponge , but deep dirt and parasites are not removed.
  • Steam cleaning will properly rinse the carpet leaving your carpets free from chemical residue and back to their original neutral Ph level.
  • Dry cleaning method does not properly rinse the carpet and will leave a sticky residue so it will quickly resoil.

Regular steam cleaning increases the life of carpets and keeps your entire house so fresh and clean.

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